Facts and Figures


Corporate Statistics (CDN$, 2013)

Ticker Symbol TRP (TSX, NYSE)

Total Assets

$53.9 billion

Operating Income

$3.3 billion

Net Income Attributable to Common Shares

$1.7 billion

Net Income per Share


Funds Generated from Operations

$4.0 billion

Shares Outstanding

707 million





Wholly owned pipelines

Approximately 57,000 kilometres (35,500 miles)

Gas Storage

Approximately 407 billion cubic feet (Bcf)

Wholly and partially owned Power plants()


Total power generation

More than 11,800 megawatts (MW)

Including Power Purchase Arrangements and plants under construction.


Business Portfolio

Natural Gas Pipelines

TransCanada's natural gas pipelines business includes the operation of our wholly owned pipelines in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.


Pipeline System


Average throughput (2011)

NGTL System

24,522 km (15,237 miles)

9.6 Bcf/d

Canadian Mainline

14,114 km (8,770 miles)

5.2 Bcf/d

Foothills System

1,241 km (771 miles)

3.5 Bcf/d

ANR Pipeline

16,121 km (10,017 miles)

4.4 Bcf/d

Guadalajara Pipeline

310 km (193 miles)


Tamazunchale Pipeline

365 km (227 miles)

0.83 Bcf/d


Affiliated Natural Gas Pipelines


Average Throughput (2011)

Great Lakes Gas Transmission Company (1)
(53.6% direct; 15.4% indirect ownership)

3,404 km (2,115 miles) 2.3 Bcf/d

Iroquois Gas Transmission System
(44.5% ownership)

666 km (414 miles) 0.9 Bcf/d
North Baja(1)
(33.3% indirect ownership)
138 km (86 miles) 0.3 Bcf/d 
Northern Border Gas Transmission System (1)
(16.7% indirect ownership)
2,265 km (1,407 miles) 2.7 Bcf/d
Portland Natural Gas Transmission System (1)
(61.7% ownership)
474 km (295 miles) 0.1 Bcf/d
Trans Québec and Maritimes Pipeline (TQM) (1)
(50% ownership)
572 km (355 miles) 0.4 Bcf/d
Tuscarora Gas Transmission (1)
(33.3% indirect ownership)
491 km (305 miles) 0.1 Bcf/d
Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) (1)
(30% direct, 20.2% indirect ownership)
2,178 km (1,353 miles) 1.9 Bcf/d
Bison Pipeline (1)
(30% direct, 20.2% indirect ownership)
487 km (303 miles) 0.3 Bcf/d

1 Operated by TransCanada.  

TransCanada is also general partner and a common unit holder of TC PipeLines, LP, a publicly held limited partnership with interests in the Tuscarora, North Baja, Northern Border Pipelines, Great Lakes Gas Transmission Company, Bison Pipeline and Gas Transmission Northwest.

Oil Pipelines

Keystone is a wholly owned and operated crude oil pipeline system extending from Hardisty, Alta., to U.S. markets in the American Midwest and the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Pipeline System


(100% ownership)

4,247 km (2,639 miles)



The energy segment of TransCanada's business builds, acquires, operates and owns interests in power plants in Canada and the U.S.


Plant Name (Wholly Owned)

Nameplate Capacity

Bear Creek (255 KB, PDF)

80 MW

Bécancour Power Plant
Centrale Cogénération de Bécancour

550 MW

Cancarb (1.68 MB, PDF)

27 MW

Carseland (280 KB, PDF)

80 MW

TC Hydro (Connecticut/Deerfield River Systems) (596 KB, PDF)

583 MW


575 MW

Grandview (213 KB, PDF)

90 MW

Halton Hills (394 KB, PDF)

683 MW

Kibby Wind Power (390 KB, PDF)

132 MW

MacKay River (210 KB, PDF)

165 MW

Ocean State (326 KB, PDF)

560 MW

Ravenswood (257 KB, PDF)

2,480 MW

Redwater (250 KB, PDF)

40 MW

Non Regulated Gas Storage


TransCanada is the third largest natural gas storage provider in North America with more than 407 Bcf of storage capacity.  

Our non-regulated gas storage business owns or controls approximately 156 Bcf – approximately one-third of all storage capacity in Alberta – through our wholly owned 50 Bcf Edson facility, contracted long-term capacity of approximately 38 Bcf from a third party, and our wholly owned CrossAlta Gas Storage & Services Ltd., which operates a 68 Bcf storage facility near Crossfield, Alta.

Our regulated gas storage business, ANR Storage Company, serves our Pipelines division and provides firm and interruptible natural gas storage services of 250 Bcf  to customers on our Great Lakes Gas Transmission and ANR Pipeline systems.

Other Energy Investments
  • TransCanada owns 31.6 per cent of Bruce B – consisting of operating Units 5 to 8, with approximately 3,200 MW of generating capacity. In addition, TransCanada owns 48.9 per cent of Bruce A – consisting of operating Units 3 and 4, with approximately 1,500 MW of generating capacity and Units 1 and 2, with approximately 1,500 MW of generating capacity, since their refurbishment.
  • Cartier Wind Energy consists of five wind farms with a total capacity of 590 MW located in the Gaspésie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine region and the Regional County Municipality of Matane in the province of Québec. Cartier is the largest wind farm in Canada and is owned by TransCanada (62 per cent) and Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (38 per cent).
  • The Portlands Energy Centre is a high efficiency, combined cycle natural gas generation plant located in downtown Toronto, ON.  TransCanada is a 50 per cent owner of the 550 MW facility, capable of supplying 25 per cent of Toronto's electricity needs.
  • TransCanada also has rights to the electricity generated by the 560 MW Sundance A power plant (100 per cent), expected to return to service in fall of 2013, the 706 MW Sundance B plant (50 per cent) and the 756 MW Sheerness plant (100 per cent).
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