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Every day millions of North Americans depend on us for the energy they need. We safely deliver the natural gas that heats our homes, the electricity that lights our cities and the oil that keeps our vehicles moving. With over 60 years’ experience, TransCanada is a leader in the responsible development and reliable operation of North American energy infrastructure. Our focus is on large scale, long-life assets that will provide attractive and sustainable returns for decades to come, delivering long-term value for our shareholders.

Here are five key reasons to invest in TransCanada:

1.  Changing Energy Landscape
2.  Unparalleled Asset Base
3.  Proven Track Record
4.  Visible Dividend Growth
5.  Financial Strength
Forward-Looking Information

These pages may contain certain forward-looking information. Statements that are forward-looking are subject to important risks and uncertainties and based on certain assumptions and what we know and expect at the time the statements were made, and generally include words like anticipate, expect, believe, may, will, should, estimate or other similar words. For more information on forward-looking information, the assumptions made, and the risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ from the anticipated results, refer to TransCanada’s latest quarterly or annual report.
A Changing Energy Landscape Offers
Unprecedented Opportunity

Enormous change is underway in North America's energy landscape. The International Energy Agency predicts North America will require
$8 trillion in new energy infrastructure investment by 2035 to replace aging infrastructure and meet the energy needs of new and existing markets.

TransCanada's opportunities come in three forms:

Natural Gas Pipelines: New drilling techniques have led to significantly more economic and recoverable natural gas and is changing the way gas flows in North America, resulting in the need for both new and updated infrastructure.

Energy: As we transition to a less carbon-intensive energy mix, a shift is expected from coal-fired power generation to natural-gas-fired power facilities and emission-free generation sources such as nuclear, hydro, solar and wind.

Liquids Pipelines: Rapidly increasing oil production throughout North America requires new infrastructure to access key refining markets.

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Three Strong Platforms for Future Growth

Our $57 billion of critical infrastructure assets in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico generate solid earnings and cash flow and put us in a unique position to capture opportunities and help North America adapt to the new energy landscape through our three core businesses:

Natural Gas Pipelines: We operate one of the largest natural gas transmission networks on the continent, a system that taps into virtually every major supply basin and transports approximately 20 per cent of North America’s daily natural gas needs. We are also one of the largest providers of natural gas storage and related services, with more than 400 billion cubic feet of capacity.

Energy: We own or have interests in 20 facilities that have the capacity to generate 11,800 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 12 million homes. One third of that electricity comes from emission-free sources such as nuclear, wind, hydro and solar.

Liquids Pipelines: Our Keystone Pipeline system transports almost one quarter of Canada’s crude oil exports to the U.S. With Keystone XL and Energy East as proposed, it would be capable of moving 2.5 million barrels a day - over 50 per cent of Western Canadian production - to market.

From Responsible Development,
to Safe Operations, to Shareholder Returns

For more than 60 years, TransCanada has reliably delivered the energy people need with the greatest care for the safety of our employees, our contractors, our communities and the environment.

Our vision is to be North America’s leading energy infrastructure company. At TransCanada, we lead by being the best at what we do, delivering on our commitment to meet the ever-increasing demand for energy in a safe and sustainable manner.

At the same time, we have delivered significant value to our shareholders with a 15% average annual return since 2000. We have also increased our dividend in each of those years.

Dividend Growth Poised to Accelerate

Since 2000, we have grown our asset base from $26 billion to over $57 billion in high-quality, long-life pipeline and power generation assets. During that same time, we have raised the annual dividend from 80 cents per share to a current rate of $1.92. In the last three years, the annual growth rate in our common share dividend has been approximately 4%.
Looking forward, we have commercially secured $45 billion of new growth projects under long-term contracts or regulated business models. Confidence in our underlying asset base and $12 billion of small to medium-sized growth projects are expected to generate predictable earnings and cash flow growth to support a doubling of the dividend growth rate of at least 8% from 2015 through 2017. Success we hope to achieve by delivering on $33 billion of large-scale projects could lead to a dividend growth rate of 10% or more through 2017 and beyond, all while maintaining our financial flexibility.

Our Financial Strength Ensures We Can
Fund Future Growth

We strive to maintain strong financial capacity and flexibility and rely on our operating cash flow to sustain our business, prudently fund our capital program and accelerate dividend growth.

Today, our financial position remains strong with a solid balance sheet and an ‘A’ grade credit rating. This is critical to ensure we can always access capital to meet our needs. Future liquidity will continue to be comprised of predictable cash flow from our three core businesses, committed credit facilities, strategic use of our master limited partnership, TC PipeLines, LP (NYSE:TCP), and our ability to access capital markets.

Looking forward, cash flow generated from operations is expected to grow as $45 billion of commercially secured projects begin contributing between 2014 and the end of the decade.

As we work to become North America’s leading energy infrastructure company, we invite you to share in our vision as a valued shareholder.

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